Empowering Girls: Future Career Choices

During the economics and entrepreneurship lessons, implementing project activities entrepreneurship education was organized for high school students, led by a financial expert working in the field of finance and technology.

The Empowering Girls program actively focuses on developing girls’ entrepreneurial skills and motivating them to pursue careers in technology. This program aims to open career paths for everyone and show that there are no male or female fields of activity. Everyone can create their own business, participating in the financial or technology market as equal professionals. The lecture was attended not only by girls, but also by boys – this is the aim of equal involvement and active participation and cooperation of all.

How to build your business? How to start, how to follow the chosen path? What does it mean to do this kind of activity every day? “Fintech” Operations Manager talked about the beginning of her career and the daily challenges of achieving professionalism and success in her professional activities.

The students were explained what an individual company, a closed joint-stock company, a small partnership, other profit-seeking organizations are and how each of them is managed and what requirements and obligations apply. The students delved into loan, credit line, and factoring aspects.