Mobility in Lithuania

3–5 May 2023

Meeting program

In 2023 on May 3-5, the final meeting of the project partners took place in Lithuania (Vilnius), which was aimed at improving the subject competencies of the teachers and project coordinators who participated in the project and developing entrepreneurial skills. The participants not only discussed the results of the project, shared their experiences, but also conducted integrated entrepreneurship lessons for the lyceum students themselves. Teachers in each country developed integrated subject lesson plans based on a lesson planning template discussed with partners. The most important task was to integrate entrepreneurial aspects into the chosen subject. Preparation and organization of such methodical lessons was one of the tasks envisaged in the project. It was very important to respond to the needs of students to improve their entrepreneurial skills in order to develop their relevant abilities and competencies.

In order to improve the methodological competencies of teachers’ entrepreneurship skills, they were invited to participate in entrepreneurship training conducted by “Junior Achievement Lietuva” lecturers. During the training, teachers delved into the intricacies of social business, generated business ideas while working in teams, prepared presentations and shared them with each other. During the first meeting in Turkey in 2020, the teachers delved into the history, origins, and development of entrepreneurship. The knowledge and skills acquired at the same time were used in practice in order to enable teachers to integrate entrepreneurship in the educational process, thus giving students more opportunities to develop their creativity and thinking based on entrepreneurial ideas and the implementation of ideas.

The teachers also visited the Tech Hub of Vilnius University, the lyceum’s social partner, where they were introduced to the possibilities of Lithuanian start-ups and the steps of implementing ideas, as well as success stories. Vilnius University Technology Hub (VU Tech Hub) is a platform for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship for cooperation between students, researchers and business and the public sector.

In addition to the methodological activities, the participants also touched the country’s culture during the cultural excursions and got to know the city of Vilnius.

The project participants summarized the activities implemented in the project and the achieved results, discussed the importance of new knowledge and skills in order to achieve the most innovative and effective education process.

At the end of the meeting, the participants were awarded certificates of participation.