Mobility in Turkey (Teachers)

10–12 August 2021

10th August, 2021

The opening and welcome ceremony with the headmaster and administrative representatives of Sehit Bora Celik Anadolu Lisesi. The balloon tour for team building and warming-up of the team.

A seminar on Entrepreneurship education in school by Mr. Selahattin Ciritci. Teachers shared their experiences in teaching Entrepreneurship through various activities at school (lessons, events, fairs, etc.). The lecturer introduced several ways and methods how to implement Entrepreneurship at school and how to improve students’ entrepreneurial skills. The examples of Turkey were presented and discussed as good practices. Teachers had a possibility to experience some active and innovative methods. Participants had discussions, compared situations of teaching Entrepreneurship in classrooms in their countries.

After the seminar Cappadocia Tour was organized to introduce the cultural and historical heritage of the region. Participants visited the local pottery place which is an important source of livelihood for local people.

11th August 2021

Participants of the project went to he guided trip to Kayseri city which is an important trade centre for Turkey, visited local “Sultan Sazlığı” where reed is produced and exported to all Europe, also had a business tour in Kayseri, met some local entrepreneurs.

Participants had a tour at Kültepe which was an ancient trade centre in the world dating back to 3000 BC. In this tour participants were introduced with some historical background of Turkey.

A cultural tour in Kayseri, observing the local heritage and trading. Discussions on Entrepreneurship and its varieties depending on the region, also countries.


12th August 2021

Project partners presented their schools and told the best examples of the Entrepreneurship at their schools.

A workshop on “How to use Creative Drama to promote the students’ entrepreneurial skills” by lecturer Mrs Ayça Çelikbaş was organized. Teachers were introduced with the method of drama and many interesting ways of using it to raise students’ interest and awareness of the subject. The origins of the Entrepreneurship in each country were discussed, interactive and innovative methods used for the workshop to broaden teachers’ skills and competences.

Project coordinator Ernesta Smalinskė recalled the aims of the project. The importance of sharing information on Facebook and the project website (pictures, photos, videos) was stressed. In social media and in eTwinning platform there should be as much informative and visual material as possible. The coordinator accented that all tasks the partners are going to discuss about should follow the deadlines. During the meeting, Ernesta invited all participants to share with the work that was done, the results of the project were discussed. Partners made some agreements of the project activities, results, qualification improvements, etc. Participant countries discussed the further project activities, reflected on the completed activities, and agreed on future plans. The aspects of the next activities were discussed. It was agreed to collaborate in organizing project activities while working separately in the. All of participants were encouraged to share their activities using their school and project social media and other channels.

The participants were given a Certificate of Attendance.